Session Information

Welcome to Playgroup! If you're new, or just need a refresher on how Playgroup is run, please read through the information below.


How do I book and pay fees?

Members book into their preferred weekday session each term, by enrolling in your preferred day you can also attend any other day each week. Sessions run from 9.00 am – 1 pm Monday to Friday, during term time. If you are a new member, please click on the below link to enrol.  If you are already a member, you will receive an email towards the end of the term with instructions on how to enrol for the following term. 

We use an online booking system - enrolments must be made online and will not be automatically rolled over. Please make sure you scroll through all the ticket options and choose the correct option for your family. Please also remember to count any babies and children under 1 when you enrol. 

Fees for each term need to be paid online upon enrolment. Click the link below to enrol in a weekday session. You can also email us for a free trial! 


Enrol in a weekday session.



  • $30 per term for one child attending with a parent

  • $45 per term for two children attending with a parent

  • $60 per term for one child attending with a nanny/caregiver

  • $90 per term for two children attending with a nanny/caregiver

  • Under 1 – FREE, no charge

  • Fees are to be paid by online payment or internet banking upon online enrolment.


Arrival and attendance at your session

Each session has a volunteer supervisor (one of the parents) who will welcome you to your first session and make sure you know where everything is. 

You can arrive and leave any time between 9am and 1pm. When you arrive, please ensure you signed in for each session on the roll sheet by ticking your children on the roll. This is not only a health and safety requirement but also helps us manage the attendance register and attendance = funding - the Ministry of Education grants are paid based on session attendance numbers, so the greater the attendance each session, the bigger the grant paid and the more grant funds we have to spend on play equipment. 

It is important that you try and attend each week.  If you are no longer attending, please let Playgroup know as soon as possible. This will free up a space for another child to attend, and for the Ministry of Education funds to be applied for. 

Playgroup is available to hire should you wish to do so, as a member you are entitled to discounted room hire. 

Playgroup is run by all of the parents, nannies and caregivers who attend each session and it is the responsibility of everyone attending to make sure Playgroup is clean, tidy and toys are put away both inside and outside at the end of each session. At the start of each session, please unpack the dishwasher.


During the session

There are a range of toys and activities for children to get involved with during the session, both inside and out. Caregivers and children can help themselves to whatever they like. There is a morning tea roster – each caregiver signs up to bring morning tea (for the adults) and milk for a session during the term. There is tea and coffee available for caregivers. 

Please note that we have a no pets policy so please do not bring any animals onto playgroup property at any time. 


At the end of each session and clean up

  • Everyone is expected to help tidy up at the end of the session or before leaving the session, clean-up is not the responsibility of the session supervisor.

  • Please refer to the duties list for details of what needs to be done - these are different for each day.

At the last session of terms 1 and 3, there is an end of term clean up coming up. Each session will be assigned cleaning jobs which will be placed on the noticeboard. Please put your name against the job(s) that you can do, and write the date that the job has been finished. You are welcome to take items home to complete the jobs, just please make sure they are returned.


Outside of playgroup hours

Members are welcome to use the outdoor facilities outside of the Playgroup session hours during the school term only. Please note that on weekends the rooms and grounds are often hired out to private groups and cannot be used during these times.

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